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Explore the fantastic world of fractals!


[The fractal image: Vertigo.  Hyperlink to the gallery of fractal images.]

Image Gallery


See examples of the fantastic fractals that can be created easily with the Fractal Odyssey software.


[The fractal moive: Incoming Tide. Hyperlink to the gallery of fractal movies.]

Movie Gallery


See examples of mesmerizing fractal animation that can be created easily with the Fractal Odyssey software.


[The Fractal Odyssey CD-ROM. Hyperlink to software to see and create fractals and fractal animation.]



Download a free copy of Fractal Viewer or order Fractal Odyssey. Both come with 44 sample files, each containing a fractal image and a fractal movie.


[A T-shirt featuring the fractal image: Spiral Galaxy.  Hyperlink to the selection of merchandise featuring fractals including T-shirts, posters, mousepads, and more.]



Order T-shirts, coffee mugs, mousepads, posters and other merchandise featuring some of our favorite fractals or featuring fractals that you created yourself!


[The fractal image: Evolution.  Hyperlink to the "Featured Fractal" image and animation.]

Featured Fractal


See fractal images and animation that others have created using Fractal Odyssey. Submit your own creations to become a "Featured Fractal".



About Creativity Software, Inc.


Creativity Software, Inc. is dedicated to the development of software for the Creativity Age. Just as the personal computer and the Internet transformed the Industrial Age into the Information Age, software is now transforming the Information Age into the Creativity Age. Creativity software allows people to focus more on creating new things in the digital world and less on the mechanics of how they are created. Creativity Software, Inc. takes its first step into the Creativity Age with the Fractal Odyssey application - software to create fantastic fractals and mesmerizing movies.

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